Isnin, 16 Disember 2013


ini charta d.igi disember 2012 hingga disember 2013

sekali pandang charta ini sangat boring!
boring kerana nilai syer menurun.
menurun dari 5.4 ke 4.9
ini bermakna menurun sebanyak 0.5
apa maksud 0.5?
kenapa 0.5? 
sampai hari ini saya masih tiada jawapan.
adakah mungkin setelah membaca buku the alchemy of finance tulisan george soros saya akan mendapat jawapan tersebut. saya masih buntu dan binggung.
ada sesuatu yang menarik mengenai charta ini - kaunter ini memberi pulangan dividen yang baik.
setiap empat bulan pemegang saham akan menerima dividen dan pulangan semakin meningkat. apakah yang menyebabkan dividen meningkat tetapi nilai syer menurun? jika keuntungan syarikat ini bertambah kenapa nilai syer menurun? jika syarikat kurang untung bagaimana mereka sanggup membayar dividen yang tinggi? apakah rahsia mereka? adakah syarikat ini melakukan silap mata dalam laporan tahunan syarikat? seperti yang pernah dilakukan oleh bank harun salim bachik? atau pengarah syarikat ini adalah doktor tekan kepala bana?

cuba tanya mamat ini
mungkin malaon ini boleh memberi jawapan
tekan kepala bana
jawapan akan keluar dari peti sejuk anda!

Sabtu, 28 September 2013


Singapore tycoon Oei sues Goldman Sachs for currency losses

SEPTEMBER 26, 2013
Goldman Sachs has been sued by a Singapore businessman for allegedly giving misleading advice that cost him 3.18 billion yen (RM104.07 million) in losses on currency options, according to court documents seen by Reuters.
Oei Hong Leong, ranked 32nd on Singapore's rich list by Forbes with a net worth of US$745 million (RM2,406 million), wants Goldman to compensate him for the losses as well as pay him interest and costs. Oei also wants the court to award him damages.
Goldman has rejected Oei's claim, with a spokeswoman in Hong Kong saying, "We believe the lawsuit is without merit and we intend to vigorously contest it."
Oei said in a statement of claim that he had on May 15 made two bets that the Brazilian currency will appreciate against the yen on the advice of a Hong Kong-based Goldman banker.
Oei, who had been betting that the US dollar will rise against the yen, claimed that the Goldman banker, Mats Dewitte, had told him the real was anchored to the dollar and that by switching from the greenback, he would also benefit from higher interest rates earned on the Brazilian unit.
"Many clients are turning to EMFX/Yen plays instead of USDJPY to earn greater carry/yield... BRL vs USD volatility is low because the central bank is anchoring BRL to USD," Oei quoted Dewitte as saying in an email that the businessman reproduced in a claim dated September 20.
EMFX refers to emerging markets foreign exchange, while BRL and USD are the codes for the Brazilian and US currencies.
But since Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke raised the prospect of ratcheting down the Fed's economic stimulus in late May, the Brazilian real has been one of the biggest losers among emerging market currencies.
Dewitte and the law firm representing Oei declined to comment.
Oei had in 2009 sued Citigroup's private banking arm for alleged negligence and misrepresentation after he made an estimated loss of US$1 billion on foreign exchange and US Treasury bond transactions in 2008. That case was subsequently settled out of court. – Reuters, September 26, 2013.
oi oh oi
ini dulu sekolah kat mana?
kenapa oii ini bodoh sangat?
dulu masa kat sekolah ponteng kelas
sekarang jadi bodoh
padan muka!
goldman sach ini sapa punya?
ben bernanke ini siapa?
apakah talian antara ben dan goldman?
kalau soalan ini pun tak boleh jawab
baik duduk senyap senyap 
kalau bodoh jangan bagitahu orang ramai


Genneva ex-bosses slapped with 923 charges on illegal gold trading involving RM5.5 billion

SEPTEMBER 27, 2013
Six former senior officials of gold trading company Genneva (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd were slapped with 913 money-laundering and 10 illegal deposit-taking charges involving RM5.5 billion at the Jalan Duta Sessions Court today.
Four of them, former directors Datuk Philip Lim Jit Meng and Datuk Tan Liang Keat, general manager Lim Kah Heng and advisor Datuk Ng Poh Weng, who charged with both offences, were granted bail of RM1.1 million each.
Two others, advisors Marcus Yee Yuean Seng and Chin Wai Leong, who faced money-laundering charges, were allowed bail of RM100,000 each.
In a different court, Genneva the company, Tan and Philip Lim, were charged with putting up false advertisements that their business was syariah-compliant. The money-laundering offences were allegedly committed between January 10, 2011 and October 1, 2012.
The six claimed trial to all the charges before Sessions judge Mat Ghani Abdullah. The prosecution was led by Dzulkifli Ahmad who was assisted by Bank Negara Malaysia prosecuting officer Alvin Ong.
Previously, Ng, Yee and Chin faced over 200 charges of money laundering involving more than RM140 million but were acquitted after the court held that the three, who were former directors of another company called Genneva Sdn Bhd, were engaged in a genuine gold trading business. Genneva Sdn Bhd was raided by Bank Negara in July 2009 for allegedly running a dubious gold trading scheme.
In October last year, the Bank Negara also raided Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd and its affiliates.
Bank Negara froze Genneva Malaysia’s accounts, cheques and other assets worth RM99.8 million besides seizing 126kg in gold bullion on suspicion that the company had violated various banking and financial laws which included taking deposits without giving gold in return, money laundering, evading taxes, appointing agents without licence, failing to file statutory documents, and misrepresenting itself as an investment firm and giving false descriptions on its business after several people lodged complaints with the police.
Last December, nine investors sued Genneva Malaysia and four of its directors — named as Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah, Philip Lim Jit Meng, Ahmad Khairuddin Ilias and Tan Lian Keng — to get back over RM2 million in investments.
They claimed the firm had carried out fraud and misrepresented the scheme as compliant with syariah law. – September 27, 2013.

naik turun mahkamah
saman samun
ini semua buang maasa
berita ini dikeluarkan untuk mengolah persetujuan orang ramai bahawa penyamun genenva telah ditangkap. dan kes ditutup.

kemana pergi nya billion ringgit?
adalkah billion ringgot ini disimpan didalam kotak pandora?
siapakah yang ada kunci kotak pandora ini?
cuba tanya mamat ini

siapakah lelaki misteri ini?
jengjeng jeng

Jumaat, 5 April 2013


ini saya rembat dari sesawang i3investor klse
selamat membaca!

investing Basics

Welcome to Investing Basics. Since you've found your way here, chances are you've got some money put away and prepare to invest in something. Whatever the reason it may be, it is good that you begun your investment journey by doing some research and studies first.

So, why is investing a smart idea?

Most people want to invest in order to create wealth. It is relatively painless, and the rewards are plentiful, if you do your homework right, that is. By investing well in the stock market, you will be able to create passive income from your extra funds or savings. That will lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable live, especially when you are able to reach financial freedom through income generated by your investment.

Today, there are many good articles and sites in the Internet that discuss the various aspects of investing. We will point you to those content wherever applicable, and highlight the key points that are most important to investors in general. Specifically, we will also highlight the key information that is most relevant to you as a stock investor.

Where do you go from here?

Know your goals
 What are you saving for? A new house? A luxury car? Kids education? Retirement?

It is important to set your goals so that you know your time horizon or how long you need to save or invest (assuming a specific return rate). Here is the 3 key advice that will work you:
  • Start early
  • Make regular investment
  • Be patient
Let the Power of Compound Interest do the magic to grow your investment.
Do your homework
 In life, one should never stop learning. In investment, the same theory applies.

Here is a list of the most important things to learn before investing in the stock market:
Prepare to invest
 Now you have the understanding of the risks and rewards of investing, you may be keen to begin investing. Firstly, you need to identify a broker to open a trading account before you can trade in Bursa Malaysia.

Check out our Brokers Comparison page to find the broker that offer the best deal to suite your trading style.

Next, it is always a good idea to research on a stock before you buy into the stock. The following is a list of useful pages in thei3investor portal to help you with the research on a stock:
Monitor and improve
 Once you've make your first purchase, set a target price on when to exit (sell) your stock, whether its a gain or loss. Record all your transactions in an Online Portfolio to monitor its performance.

You should continue to keep yourself updated with the company performance and growth, as well as market condition in general, as those will impact the price direction of your stocks. If you chose to adopt the Buy and Holdinvestment strategy, you should ignore thenoise and the short term volatility of the market, and focus on the long term growth of the companies you invested in.

Whichever strategy you chose, do stick to it for a while, continue to read, and treat every transaction as a learning experience.
Finally, at i3investor, we wish you luck and all the best in this exciting and potentially rewarding journey. We hope you will continue to use this portal for your investing news and tools. Please Sign In or Register (FREE)and share it with your friends if your find this portal useful. 

Jumaat, 22 Mac 2013


Ini berita kurun lama
walaupun kurun 
berita ini sangat berguna untuk penguna
dengan mamat dibawah ini

No intention to mislead passengers in website pricing: AirAsiaX
Published on: Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: AirAsia X says it has no intention to mislead passengers in terms of pricing in its website although the airline was fined by the Federal Court in Melbourne recently.
Chief Executive Officer Azran Osman-Rani said the 200,000 Australian dollar fine imposed as compared to the range of A$520,000 to A$650,000 sought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reflected the court's acknowledgement on the lack of any intention to mislead by AirAsia.
"The court judgment in this matter reflects that there was no intention to mislead at any time and that no consumer was misled or had suffered any financial loss as a result of this inadvertence, and that AirAsia has been cooperative throughout.
"In addition, AirAsia had facilitated a speedy hearing and had also pleaded no contest to a technical breach," he said in a statement.
Nevertheless, he said, AirAsia X understands the importance of providing consumers with an "all-in" pricing and "we remain fully committed towards displaying all-in fares on our website."
Azran said that all of the budget airline's advertising had always been on the basis of "all-in fares" which are inclusive of taxes and other mandatory charges.
"These legal proceedings are related only to fare displays on the website for a limited number of "Fly-Thru" routes which were newly added to our network in 2011.
"The fares in question were manually entered and we took immediate steps to rectify this unintentional oversight as soon as we were made aware of the same," he said.
Azran said the process of adding new routes and displaying fares on have been rectified and automated to prevent future recurrence.
"The airline notes the importance of all-inclusive pricing and ensuring accuracy of how the fares are prominently displayed," he added. - Bernama


aku masih ingat lagi pada tahun 2003
aku jumpa minah ini semasa pameran pesta buku cina di kuala lumpur convention centre
masa itu minah ini sedang bersurah mengenai pasaran saham kepada warga cina tua
aku seorang sahaja melayu pada masa itu
aku tak faham sepatah haram apa minah ini cakap 
kerana minah ini menggunakan bahasa mandarin
kenapa minah ini tidak bercakap bahasa inggeris?
kah kah kah
jangan jadi banggang!
minah ini bukan nya bercakap dengan mat salleh!

aku tunggu minah ini sehingga selesai bersurah
pada masa itu minah ini berbaju hijau berseluar hitam
minah ini berbaju hijau bukan kerana lynas
kerana pada tahun 2003 lynas masih belum lagi wujud

selesai ceramah
kini adalah sesi autograf
pada ketika itu buku ini dijual dengan harga 25rm sekeping
berserta tanda tangan minah ini.
aku terus beli buku ini dan beratur

tiba giliran aku
aku memperkenal kan diri
selesai sahaja minah ini tanda tangan
terus aku lancarkan soalan "kenapa kaunter petai tiada dalam bursa malaysia?"
oppss silap!!
"bilakah masa yang tidak sesuai untuk membeli saham?"
dengan muka selumber
minah ini pun terus berkata "bila kau tiada modal"
aku terus terbarai tergelak 
kah kah kah!  kerana malu
rasa seperti mangkuk jamban jatuh dari langit!

jika anda pernah membaca buku i love stocks
pasti anda kenal dengan minah ini
minah ini mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam pasaran saham dunia
minah ini adalah pauline yong
pengasas teknik PRINCED

ini laman sesawang yang baik untuk dibaca

Rabu, 14 November 2012

Satu lagi rancangan licik dan licin

Read more: AirAsia X plans to offer 790m shares in IPO


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X is offering 790 million shares in their initial public offering (IPO), mainly to repay bank borrowings.

In its draft prospectus, the long haul arm of budget carrier AirAsia Bhd did not say how much each share (which has a par value of RM0.15) cost, the size of the listing or a timeframe for the flotation.

However, Reuters reported on September 21 that the company planned to list on Bursa Malaysia in December or January next year in an IPO expected to raise about RM750 million.

Based on the IPO size of RM750 million, the total 790.12 million shares could be worth RM0.97 sen apiece.

In its prospectus posted on the Securities Commission website, the airline said the proceeds from the flotation will be used to expand its fleet of airplanes, pare down debt, working capital and listing expenses.

AirAsia said the offer represents up to 33.3 per cent of it enlarged paid up capital, of which 685.6 million (28.9 per cent) will be offered to institutional investors, foreign investors and selected Bumiputera investors approved by the International Trade and Industry Ministry.

The balance of 104.4 million shares (4.4 per cent) will be allocated to retail investors such as eligible employees as well as the public.

AirAsia X said it will use the proceeds for capital expenditure (21.5 per cent), ranging from buying spare parts to setting up new hubs, repaying bank borrowings (55.1 per cent), working capital (20.2 per cent) and the balance for listing expenses.

AirAsia has hired CIMB Investment Bank Bhd as principal adviser for the IPO.

CIMB, Credit Suisse and Maybank Investment Bank Bhd are the joint global coordinators while Barclays, BNP Paribas, CIMB, Citi, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Maybank and Morgan Stanley are the joint bookrunners for the institutional offering.

The IPO is one of three listings worth more than RM1.5 billion which AirAsia's founders and AirAsia X director Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and director Datuk Kamarudin Meranun will kick off next year which will also help consolidate Malaysia as Asia's top IPO destination.

This year, Malaysia has already listed Felda Global Ventures and IHH Healthcare with combined proceeds of more than RM15 billion.

setelah IPO as.tro berjaya dikeluarkan
ini satu lagi rancangan yang licik dan licin untuk menipu orang ramai
cuba lihat apa telah berlaku pada kaunter as.tro
sampai kehari ini tergolek dog!
mereka yang beli IPO as.tro pada harga 3RM seunit
kini perlu menanggung kerugian
sampai bila kerugian ini perlu ditanggung?
sampai A.K mengaku dia adalah orang asli keturunan biduanda

apakah yang A.K telah lakukan?
A.K telah melakukan rancangan senyap
A.K telah kawtim dengan Bank, S.C, orang as.tro dan dan dan untuk membeli IPO ini
berita mengenai IPO ini akan membawa cahaya telah tersebar luas
semua orang berlari lari untuk membeli IPO ini
kerana ini adalah IPO durian runtuh
hari pertama boleh jual semua
tapi mereka telah silap kerana IPO as.tro ini bukan IPO durian runtuh 
tapi IPO ini telah jadi IPO keladi runtuh
IPO petai runtuh
IPO tapai runtug dan dan dan

orang ramai sangat marah dengan A.K
A.K perlu ditangkap dan dibicara kerana menipu makcik makcik felda
jangan jadi bodoh! A.K telah lari keluar negara dan berlayar ke pulau maldives

ini nota dari A.K
yang penting adalah mengaut keuntungan maksimum
yang penting adalah "cash cow"
yang penting hutang as.tro perlu dibayar
yanng perlu membayar hutang as.tro bukan A.K
tapi pemegang IPO yang kena tipu

ini nota dari T.F
saya perlu berlajar dari A.K

ini soalan kena jawab sebelum tangkap A.K dan T.F
kenapa k.wsp tidak beli IPO as.tro?
adakah k.wsp tidak beli IPO x?
adakah k.wsp tahu rancangan licik dua malaon ini?